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The importance of ambient temperature and humidity

08~15C is the best temperature for grain storage;
35~38C, is the best temperature for bath water;
70~80C, is the best temperature for boiling tea;
Dairy products are suitable for storage in a humidity environment of 50~60%RH;
Vegetables and fruits are suitable for storage in a humidity environment of 50~70%RH;
Cotton wool textiles are suitable for storage in a humidity environment of 40~60%RH.
Our daily life is closely related to the environmental temperature and humidity
Temperature and humidity are one of the most important environmental indicators in production and life. Not only people need to maintain a good mental state and agile thinking under suitable temperature and humidity conditions, but also food, medicine, various instruments and equipment have special effects on environmental temperature and humidity. requirements.
According to the national indoor air quality standard requirements:
The optimum humidity is 30-80%. According to research, the most suitable indoor temperature should be kept at room temperature up to 18°C, the relative humidity should be kept at 30-40%, and when the room temperature is up to 25°C, the relative humidity should be kept at 40-50 % is the best. For families with babies, in general, the indoor temperature should be around 20°C, and the humidity should be kept at 50% to 60%. It can be adjusted according to the characteristics of children’s fear of cold and heat.
The measurement of temperature and humidity is inseparable from the temperature and humidity sensor
A temperature and humidity sensor refers to a device or device that can convert temperature and humidity into electrical signals that can be easily measured and processed. The temperature and humidity sensors on the market generally measure temperature and relative humidity.
Medicines (Chinese and Western medicines), like other substances, are in constant movement and change, and when their changes accumulate to a certain extent, the qualitative change of medicines will be formed. It is manifested in the deterioration of the quality of western medicine raw materials and their products, Chinese herbal medicines, Chinese herbal decoction pieces and Chinese patent medicines, and in severe cases, it can no longer be used for medicinal purposes.
According to the “Detailed Rules for the Implementation of Good Management Practices for Pharmaceutical Business”, the storage temperature of medicines at room temperature is 10°C-30°C, the storage temperature is below 20°C, and the refrigerated storage temperature is 2°C-8°C. Failure, etc., affect the safety of medication.
In recent years, with the increasing attention to the living environment, a dazzling array of temperature and humidity detectors have also emerged. The initial temperature detection device was just a simple barometer. With the development of the Internet of Things technology, the temperature and humidity detection device is not only linked with the humidifier, but also developed to be linked with smart air conditioners, dehumidifiers and other devices to realize intelligent control, which greatly improves the efficiency of temperature and humidity detection. Convenience people’s lives.


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